Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life in Key Largo

Sorry it has been a minute since last time but I was traveling for 2 days to get here and have just been trying to get settled in....also, the house in not wifi ready so I have to wait until I get to work or come to the pool where there is wifi; I know...tough life so far.

So a little bit about what I am doing here. I am interning at a dolphin assisted therapy facility and it is truly amazing. I am living in a house with 8 other interns (all female) and  I  am certain there will be some exciting stories to share. I don't actually start work until tomorrow but Saturday morning we got to do a structured swim with the dolphins (where they pull you around and push you through the water by your feet) and a natural swim (where it is just you and the dolphins, no play involved). Check out the video below. More to come and hopefully some funny and exciting stories. For now, just island life and dolphins- exciting but not too funny!

I miss everyone, especially Cozby and the dogs! I am such a sucker for my hubby and the pups!   Love you all and I promise to write everyday now!


  1. It was nice meeting you, even if it was only for two days! I hope you have a great experience at IDC and enjoy your time there.

    PS- I had no idea we had WiFi at the pool until the Friday before I left! LOL


  2. I left something for you on my blog!

  3. it has now been lik 5,760 minutes since you posted....