Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Could I Forget

Oh yea, how could I forget the backpack story?!?

So this past weekend the new girl...yes more about her...wanted a backpack. We had gone to several outdoor stores but not one had the pretty pink backpack that her little German heart desired, so we went to K-Mart. It is right down the street from our house and I was certain that we could find what she was looking for, and we did. There was a plethora to choose from and she finally decided on one of those single- across the chest strap kind. She makes the purchase, loudly telling the cashier that she wanted to sign for the purchase and not use PIN. Anyway, we get outside and I help her cram her purse inside the backpack so that we can hop on our bikes and be on our way. She seems a bit confused and is asking how to put it on. I explain that one arm goes through and then it goes over the head. I thought that was simple enough, but I look over and she has it thrown over one shoulder like you would a normal strap purse. "Like this," she asked. I was like NO- put your arm through and then over the head, and turn it around...because she had it backwards. Well "TURN IT AROUND" must have been the only thing she heard because she turns around, literally- turns her body to face the opposite direction, and throws the backpack over the shoulder again, like  a purse. The other girl that was with us, and myself, were laughing uncontrollably as we went through the motions several times. She would just turn in a half circle and do it again. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and had to put it on for her. Apparently she wasn't paying attention when I did this FOR her because now she just unbuckles it, puts it on her back in place, and then takes the top strap and puts it over her shoulder and connects it to the bottom strap. Was my direction that hard to follow? Could it have been that my constant laughter made it hard for her to hear me?? At any rate she looks over at the other girl and myself and asks, "Are you laughing with me or at me?" Honey....it doesn't appear that you are laughing at all, so you decide!!!

I promise I am not mean to her....I have been one of 2 that actually help her- but COME ON PEOPLE...she is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. It makes it worse that the other girl that was with us is also from Germany and she is like- "WOW, she is making us look bad!"


  1. do you care if I add you to my blog roll...that way I don't keep forgetting the site!!

  2. that would be Laurie above...I was signed in with Grace's email.

  3. Laurie here...so I added it anyways...hope you don't care!! If you want me to take it off lust let me know. I enjoy reading, keep it coming and enjoy this experience!!