Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween in September

Last night was our 3rd annual Halloween party. It was a huge success. We figured that about 33 people came, but there was only about 25 people at the house at any given time- which is perfect! It was a hit and tons of fun; all except for Cowboy Troy leaving the front door open and one of the babies (dogs) running out and not wanting to come back. She decided to play a game of cat and mouse and run from us...right into the street...almost getting hit by a car! That definitely brought the stress level up a notch.  But I think everyone had a good time.

It was actually really sad to look around at all of our friends and know that last night was the last time I will see any of them for 6 whole weeks. It will certainly be strange because we are so used to just walking across the street on any given day, and walk directly into the neighbors house just to sit and have a beer- wonder who's house I can just walk into while in Florida?!

I am not feeling extremely inspired to write this morning, my head is feeling the lingering effects of last night :( So maybe more to come later....or not, The Wizard of Oz comes on tonigtht!

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