Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching Up!

Well, since I had some time on my hands (having just given birth but we will get back to that later), I figured now was a perfect time to seriously update the blog!

It has been forever and a day since I have last been on and so many things have happened. Some funny, some sad but nonetheless every bit entertaining. Oh yes, the pregnancy story- short and sweet. So it was a cold winter, we were bored, we made a baby....I sort of thought I may be pregnant but I have NEVER been one of those girls that kept track of THAT sort of thing (now I clearly know I had NO idea what ovulation was) and I just sort of waited for "Pearl" to come visit each month. I was going to happy hour with some girlfriends so I took a PG test - just to make was negative- same thing the next day- negative again, so on Wed. afternoon I go with some girls and have about 8 margaritas too many- wake up the next morning at the crack of dawn to go to a boot camp class- take a PG test and there it was......the + symbol. Granted, it was 4 in the morning so I thought it was just me. I threw it aside on the counter and thought, "I will come back to this later." Well before I left again, like a child looking for Santa to come down the chimney, I crept in the bathroom and looked over onto the counter....still +. Dang! So I run upstairs, turn on all of the lights, ask Brian if his glasses are on his nightstand- his response "What have all of the lights on...I can see!" So I hand him the stick and ask him what he thinks + means. He looks at me and says, "I guess it means your pregnant, how do you feel?" I said, "It's so weird....we are going to have a baby?!?!?!?  How do you feel?" He says, "Weird!" I said, "What, that we are pregnant or the fact that you are holding a stick full of urine??!" And with that I kissed his mouth and ran out the door to my bootcamp class- which was the last time I went because after that I was just plain tired!  So yes- pregnant we were!

So where should I start...I am trying to think about about events over the past year and one in particular really sticks out, we will just call it Easter Sunday.


I guess at this point in life I am only about 2 months and some change pregnant, totally exhausted 100% of the time and had seriously gained like 12 pounds already....and had not changed my diet. I just figured I must be having a giant! So it is Easter Sunday morning and Brian and I are getting ready for church. I am downstairs in the shirt I am going to wear and my underwear- ironing my white pants; Brian is upstairs getting ready and all is content in our little lives. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sadie, comes over to my leg while I'm ironing and sits right by me. I give her a quick glance and think, "Oh, she must know I'm prego, what a sweetie!" But something catches my eye and I have to look at her again.....OMG she has a freaking squirrel hanging out of her mouth and has brought it to me to reward her...yes a SQUIRREL....not a stuffed one either- like one she chased down outside! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I started screaming and screaming..."Brian, Brian, Brian.....OMG come here- HELP!" I was scared to death the thing wasn't dead- I had visions of Chevy Chase and Christmas vacation running through my head....I was like "Sadie, NO- GO!" Well that scared her- so she dropped it, (yes- right near me), and started pacing back and forth because she thought she was in trouble. I hear Brian running upstairs, get to the stairs, run down about 4 and then leap down the rest. Landing flat footed on the hardwood floor, he grabs his back and starts screaming- note- he isn't running toward me like he should have been. I immediately start screaming- OMG YOU ARE PARALYZED!!!!!!!!  So take a step back and invision this, dog pacing and barking around the prizze squirrel, other dog running back and forth because he has NO idea what is going on, ME, in my underwear screaming that my husband is paralyzed and my poor husband standing in the livingroom holding his back,, not moving and going "ow, ow, ow!"
So, he manages to make his way over to me and is like "What...what is it?" I guess in all of the confusion he didn't realize he was standing right by the squirrel; so I pointed and said "THAT!" hahhahah Brian jumps back and screams. So he goes downstairs to get something to get it with. While in the basement the squirrels tail starts to move so I, again, go into instant panic mode and start screaming. Brian runs up and is like, "WHAT?" I cease all screaming and in the most sarcastic of my tones look at him and say, "Really....paper brought up papertowels to get the squirrel?!?!" Brian said, "Oh, is it alive?"
Anyway- he ends up stuffing the squirrel in the trash and we finally make it to church; however, Brian did lay down some ground rules from that point being pregnant and all. He said this....exactly, "The next time there is an emergency in the house, don't just scream. You need to scream out the emergency. Like if there is a fire you will say "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE" or if you are having pain you will say...I interuppted and clearly let Captain Safety know....I got it!

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